Monday, May 23, 2011

#NoSCAF - Facts and Opinions

This is the collection of the tweet chain I wrote celebrating the May23 Bash SCAF day..

#NoSCAF: Fact 1 - Jan28 first wave of Army APCs was actually attacked cuz of suspicion of aiding police. 1 APC was burnt

#NoSCAF: Fact 2 - Jan30 2 F16 fighter jets perform low-altitude maneuvers over #Tahrir to intimidate/frighten protesters

#NoSCAF: Fact 3 - Feb2 Army watches #Tahrir attacked with live ammo & molotov but keeps negative, even when attacked

#NoSCAF: Fact 4 - Feb3 Military Police attack human rights centers, arresting members and confiscate equipment (En)

#NoSCAF: Fact 5 - PreFeb11 Military Police involved in detention & torture of activists & protesters (En) (Ar)

#NoSCAF: Fact 6 - Feb12 After #Mubarak's ouster, first decision by #SCAF was to ban photography in #Tahrir & confiscate all cameras.

#NoSCAF: Fact 7 - Head of #SCAF was minister of Defence in all #Mubarak's Govs for 20 years and Head of Presidential Guard before that!

#NoSCAF: Fact 8 - #Mubarak cut all communications even sms, but after his ouster, #SCAF used sms to spread their propaganda nation wide.

#NoSCAF: Fact 9 - Feb20 Woman got squashed by Army tank in city of Suez when Army forcefully break a protests (Ar)

#NoSCAF: Fact 10 - Feb25 Army cut electricity from #Tahrir and attack protesters at midnight (Ar)

#NoSCAF: Fact 11 - #SCAF faced the threat of Army defects siding with the people since Feb10 starting with Shouman (Ar)

#NoSCAF: Fact 12 - News of the Army hijacking the #Jan25 Revolution started to spread as early as Feb14 (En)

#NoSCAF: The Army chose to side with the people on Feb10 cuz of 2 reasons, 1 fear of defections 2 SCAF had the same goal of ousting Mubarak.

#NoSCAF: The Egyptian regime was established on a Military coup in 52 and Mubarak's plan to name his son as successor was a threat to SCAF.

#NoSCAF: The #Jan25 Revolution gave #SCAF the perfect opportunity to save their control over the regime and preserve their own interests.

#NoSCAF: The 20 #SCAF members owe their careers to#Mubarak and had been there witnessing all the corruption over 30 years. Why move now?

#NoSCAF: When it was clear on Feb10 that Mubarak will not step down, SCAF staged a coup to force him to resign and took direct control.

#NoSCAF: Feb10 was a military coup that used the cover of protests to force Mubarak out of office in order to preserve the military regime.

#NoSCAF: 2011 started with an old soldier running #Egypt, and it will end with a bunch of old soldiers running #Egypt. Nothing has changed!

#NoSCAF: A MUST READ - #Egypt: The Distance Between Enthusiasm and Reality (En) (STRATFOR - Feb14 - George Friedman)

Happy Bashday SCAF.